CrashPlan is a good backup solution for Mac users

Last November I wrote up my current back up solution.  I pointed out that my attempt at using the cloud to backup, via a service called Mozy, hadn't worked.  My problems included a memory leak (the client ended up taking almost a gig of real ram) and the speed of initiating any user action - configuring backups or launching a backup for instance, was painful. Mozy also sucks a huge amount of computer processing, making the backup process more involved than it has to be.

I wanted a hands-free off-site backup solution and towards the end of last year, I signed up with CrashPlan. My experience has been great; it doesn't monopolize memory or cpu time. And, it's easy and quick to configure.

They're offering unlimited backup for personal use for $54 a year. You install their software, specify which files you want backed up and you're off to the races.

Most internet providers throttle upload speed (i.e. uploading files to the CrashPlan server can take a while, but it's your Cable/DSL provider's fault, not theirs.). So, for not a lot of money, CrashPlan will send you a hard drive and you can seed your backup and mail that back to them.   As it is, it'll have taken less than a month to get what I want backed up to them.

Unlike some of the cloud solutions, CrashPlan doesn't care what you send. Applications, movies, pictures, music, whatever is all fair game.

CrashPlan also offers some unique solutions. For instance you can designate a friends computer, which needs to be accessible via the internet, as a backup target. So, I could send a disk to a friend who would attach it to their computer and they'd host my backup, rather than CrashPlan.  Or you can designate another computer on your local network to receive your backup.

You can also backup using the CrashPlan software to a local drive, although, I'm not sure why I'd do that, since Time Machine is such a great local solution.

They sell a software update   - CrashPlan+,  which is only minimally more useful, especially for the cost, but the promotion I took advantage of threw it in for free, so I didn't have to decide.