I bet this never happened to Joe Biden

The day started at the Amtrak station for the 7:00 to San Francisco. Since I had a 10 pack, all I needed was the $2.00 bus ticket to get from Emeryville to SF.

The first problem was the computer system couldn't sell me a $2 ticket unless it was also part of a train ticket purchase. Otherwise it's $8. Fine.

The 2nd problem was the 7:00 train is cancelled for the next two weeks for track maintenance. Next train in 50 minutes.

So, pass on Amtrak.  I need to get some work done.

Drove to North Concord; schlepped heavy Timbuk2 bag (over-loaded with my laptop, since I was going to have an hour and a half on the train to get some stuff done).

Got off at Embarcadero, started up the stairs and slipped, dropped over-loaded Timbuk2 bag and cracked the screen on the laptop.


The day got better. Really.  I mean, I get to buy a new Mac. :-)