Trump and the Blind Trust, with a nod to Obama.

NPR has a nice summary of the blind trust issues with a brief survey of recent conflicts.

Two weeks ago, the Washington Post pointed out that Trumps “adult kids” are, in fact, participating in the transition. And because we live in the era of ' "War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, Freedom is Slavery.”’, there’s an actual discussion of what constitutes a blind trust. Vanity Fair suggests Mitt Romney had already moved the bar at the presidential level.

From the Vanity Fair article: "As a freshman senator, Barack Obama—whose wealth comes almost entirely from his book royalties—set up a blind trust but later that same year sold all of his stocks and closed the trust because he decided that even such an arrangement could not protect him from the appearance of a conflict. Most of his wealth is now invested in U.S. Treasury bonds and diversified funds—about the most transparent option available. What’s good for the country is good for Obama, and vice versa, to coin a phrase.”

The Obama presidency is relatively scandal free. As far as I can recall David Petraeus is the only administration official convicted of a crime. And, as far as I can recall, this is the first administration since Jimmy Carter that a senior staffer hadn’t been convicted of a felony during the administration.