Music in 2012, meh.

Last year, for Christmas, I gave my sister my 10 favorite albums of the year. It was tough winnowing down the list.  This year, not so much. Looking at the stuff that's come through, I think I could put up 5 good albums. Let's see.

Gary Clark Jr. Blak and Blu.  I saw him at Coachella and he puts on a great show. Given the limited time non-headliners get at Coachella, we only heard his blues. He's a great guitarist and singer.  The album was a surprise because it's a bit broader than 'the blues' would imply. There's some R&B, Soul crooning and other genres.

Loudon Wainwright, Older Than My Old Man Now.  Great CD on the vagaries of aging.  In C is heartbreaking. Wainwright is so noted for his funny stuff (and there is that on this album) that audiences may not know what to expect.

The Milk Carton Kids.  If you like Gillian Welch you'll like these two. Two free album downloads available at their web site, or there's this Tiny Desk Concert. They slip in this list even though their albums were released in 2011 because I only discovered them this year and the pickings for 2012 are so slim.

Alabama Shakes,  Boys & Girls.  They're just kids and they are so soulful.

Not even five albums… yeesh.

From last year's list, the title song from Linda Thompson's Versatile Heart.

Election Reflections

Election Reflections