Top 5 100% albums

The top five from my list of albums that don't have a wasted track. Obviously heavy on albums I first heard in my 20s, back when I thought popular song could change your life. sigh.

1) Court and Spark (with a pass for Twisted, which I don't think fits.) A friend suggests Blue, but I like Joni better when her voice is in a lower register.

2) Blood On The Tracks.  Lots of Dylan options. But this one hit at the right time. I can twist most of my relationships to fit one of these songs.

3) Late For the Sky. Ditto.

4) Zuma. (with a pass for Stupid Girl.) Cortez The Killer!  And the last decent CSN&Y song.

5) The Roches. This is actually the album (and song) that made me compile this list. Great, great album.